River Diving and Salvage Inc.

River Diving and Salvage Inc.

River and lake diving and recovery. Propeller locating, sonar location services  

  Asset Recovery/Mitigating Losses

River Diving and Salvage, Inc. can help minimize your loses in bad situations.

We have over 30 years experience in underwater asset location and recovery. We can locate, raise and recover lost wheels (propellers), underwater cables, sunken barges, boats or other heavy equipment. 

With locations in Missouri and Kentucky, we can provide commercial diving services to most parts of the US with very little notice. We have performed dives in nearly every state, including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin. Commercial towing, salvage, and marine construction clients from New Orleans to Detroit have used, and continue to use our services.





ALL our divers are fully Insured: GL/MEL/USL & H/Workers Comp

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