River Diving and Salvage Inc.

River Diving and Salvage Inc.

River and lake diving and recovery. Propeller locating, sonar location services  

River and Marine Salvage Operations

River Diving and Salvage, Inc. has served many industrial clients with diversified needs. Our divers have extensive experience diving in locks, dams, near river pylons, and other hazardous scenarios.

Our side-scan sonar can locate lost or submerged objects, cables or pipes. We can perform underwater cleaning/repairs, visual inspection, or document damage, as well as bring your asset(s) to the surface.

We have raised cranes in Arkansas, bridge segments in Kansas, construction equipment in Illinois, restaurants in Missouri, barges in Louisiana and more.

We have 4000 Gallon/Minute pumps loaded and ready-to-go. During the 1993 Floods, we saved several businesses from flooding. We can reach almost any state within 24 hours. Call us with your unique problem, and let us provide a solution.





ALL our divers are fully Insured: GL/MEL/USL & H/Workers Comp

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